Staking Pools have launched

0x1 Finance
Jan 23, 2021

0x1 Finance is excited to announce our Staking Pool launch. The staking pool unlocks on 23 JAN 2020, UTC 16:00:00.

All pools are set with a minimum staking period of 15 days and reward halving every 30 days. Rewards will be earned based on number of tokens deposited in staking pool and total tokens available for reward and reward halving period.

Staking pools listed for staking are:

  1. BIN/BNB with a total of 1000 BIN for reward.
  2. BNB/USDT with a total of 250 BIN for reward.
  3. WMUE/BIN with a total of 100 BIN for reward.

The 0x1 Team is also happy to announce that team will host other Binance Smart Chain based project pool on our staking platform for their reward distribution.

Stake Now:

Happy Staking!