0x1 Finance
2 min readMay 1, 2021


We are happy to launch our most anticipated Locker Finance service.

Link: https://locker.finance

This is our first version (V1) of Locker Finance, and it’s live for public use.

The initial purpose of Locker Finance is very simple. We have made this simple and easy for public use. This service will be used to lock any tokens hosted on BSC smart chain for any duration. Purpose for this locker finance is mainly for all the launchpad platforms to help them to lock 3rd party project tokens in our locker finance contract with different release interval for tokens. This will help to gain trust between project owners, launchpad platforms and investors as tokens will be locked and not held by any 3rd party. 0x1 team will also use it to lock tokens for new projects.

Another funny use case of this locker finance is for those crypto investors who have weak hands and dumps tokens or coins in panic and take a loss and later realize that it was a big mistake. Now they can lock their assets in our locker and once locked it’s gone, and you cannot touch it until the locking period is over.

The best part of Locker Finance is, it’s free of cost, and we will not charge any fee for using our Locker Finance platform. Anyone can use it. It’s like a non-profit organization. Though in future we might put some advertisement and banners to generate some revenue for keeping this service live and bring more features to this.

In the future we will expand it to Ethereum and other EVM compatible networks.

Anyway, please go ahead and test it by yourself. For testing, you can enter a small amount with small locking and test our product.

Thank you!