0x1 Airdrop Announcement

0x1 Finance
1 min readMar 17, 2021

Airdrop Announcement

Our first airdrop will be done on 1st April 2021, 4:00PM UTC. Airdrop will be done using our Reflection code embedded in our token Contract. This will help us to check, verify and test our Reflection code functionality in the mainnet before we start distributing our DEX fees from Q2 using this method to our BIN holders.

To participate in airdrop users have to hold BIN in their personal wallet before given time.

Airdrop Token Amount

Airdrop token amount will be counted on total number of BIN holding addresses. For less than 500 addresses, 100 BIN will be airdropped. For every 100 wallet address increases above 500, 10 BIN tokens will be added to the Airdrop. Max airdrop token amount is capped to 200 BIN.

Please Note

1. Wallet addresses less than 1 BIN will not be counted for token rewards increment criteria. Though those addresses are eligible to receive airdrop. Every wallet with some BIN holding will receive airdrop.

2. Team Token address, Locked Token address, Pool contract address, LP Contract address are not eligible for receiving airdrop and users holding BIN on those addresses will not receive any BIN Token from airdrop. Please hold BIN only in your personal wallet address before airdrop given time.

Also use your personal social media handles to spread out this word to all users about this airdrop.